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Signatures of the Space Exploration Day Holiday Petition

Space Exploration Day - July 20th - Menu Header
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Space Exploration Day - July 20th - Menu Header

Space Exploration Day - July 20th - Menu Gradient
Space Exploration Day - July 20th - Menu Header

Space Exploration Day - July 20th - Menu Gradient

The following individuals have already shown their support by signing the petition to make July 20th a United States holiday celebrating space exploration.

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# Name Location Comments
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1713 Jen Hollenbeck Springfield , MO  
1712 Matthew Nalls Yorktown, VA  
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1710 Priscilla Garcia Chicago, IL  
1709 Zach Baran Drums, PA  
1708 Zach Baran Drums, PA  
1707 Gerard Roeling Round Rock, TX Good luck with this effort!
1706 Brian Rodriguez Fords, NJ  
1705 Ryan Sadowsky Tucson, AZ  
1704 Cheryl Williams College Park, MD  
1703 Pedro Reyes Winter Park, FL  
1702 Johnathan Fuentes Davie, FL  
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1700 Gerardo Torres Riverside, CA  
1699 Jordan May Boiling Springs, SC I hope you are ok
1698 Angel Riffe Welch, WV  
1697 Loretta Hall Albuquerque, NM  
1696 Alex Burford Va Beach, VA We owe it to Neil Armstrong to have this Day as a Holiday.
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