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Signatures of the Space Exploration Day Holiday Petition

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Space Exploration Day - July 20th - Menu Header

Space Exploration Day - July 20th - Menu Gradient
Space Exploration Day - July 20th - Menu Header

Space Exploration Day - July 20th - Menu Gradient

The following individuals have already shown their support by signing the petition to make July 20th a United States holiday celebrating space exploration.

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# Name Location Comments
1699 Jordan May Boiling Springs, SC I hope you are ok
1698 Angel Riffe Welch, WV  
1697 Loretta Hall Albuquerque, NM  
1696 Alex Burford Va Beach, VA We owe it to Neil Armstrong to have this Day as a Holiday.
1695 Bryan Costanza Boulder, CO  
1694 Kevin Webb Irvine, CA  
1693 Brian Fiorilli Ellsworth, ME When you vote for democrats this is what happens. Excerpt article: “President Obama's 2011 budget request for NASA cut the agency's Constellation program completely, effectively canceling a five-year, $9 billion effort to build new Orion spacecraft and Ares rockets. The new space vehicles were slated to replace NASA's three aging space shuttles (due to retire this year) and launch astronauts into orbit and on to the moon.” MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.
1692 Jason Phillips Pensacola, FL  
1691 Jacquelin Santos Maynard, MA  
1690 MIchael Khorshidianzadeh Acton, MA  
1689 Marrlene Thomas Modesto, CA May God Bless the space Exploration Day
1688 John Humbert Ellsworth, ME  
1687 Wriley Herring Birmingham , AL  
1686 Chuck Novisky Waldoboro, ME  
1685 Veli-Vesa Koret Palm Springs, CA  
1684 Karen Oberst Klamath Falls, OR  
1683 Jenna Gardner Houston, TX  
1682 Zachary Rhodes Bend, OR This way better than national cat day
1681 Dawn Crawford West Chester, OH Our past and our future is out there in space!
1680 Amber Schmich Saint Louis, MO We should look more towards space for the future of our race and our planet.
1679 Cody Kaloz Lansing, MI  
1678 Morgan Leslies Borough, CA  
1677 sa saKS Boulder, LA Hola, We are lucky Iv'e found this web site, it's really what I have been looking for. The information here on the webpage is definitely appreciated and will help my friends and I quite a bit. It looks like the site acquired a large amount of specifics about this and the other hyper links and information definitely show it. I'm not typically on the net during the night however when I get a break I am always scouring for this type of knowledge and stuff closely related to it. I have two of my friends that have also picked up an interest in this because of all that I have learned about it and they're probably to be visiting the blog because it is such an excellent find. I'm also facsinated in government issues and coping with the drastic twists and turns in climate change, lower health insurance premiums, federal and private student loan consolidation and continually looking for something that will be able to help me economically. I am looking forward to starting conversations with an expert that desires to share and will give some other related topics or benefitial ideas with everyone when I stumble across new information. Good work! for providing such a beautiful place to visit it will be a good spot to study and look some more during my free time. Cheers, Tony.
1676 Williamsn WilliamsnVK San Miguel de Tucuman, IL Appreciate you sharing, great forum.Thanks Again. Great. Mure
1675 Diana Clarion Pittsburgh, PA As 20 July is my birthday, this would give me another reason to celebrate!
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