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Activity Kit - Ideas for Community July 20th, Space Exploration Day Holiday Celebrations

Space Exploration Day - July 20th - Menu Header
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Space Exploration Day - July 20th - Menu Header

Space Exploration Day - July 20th - Menu Gradient
Space Exploration Day - July 20th - Menu Header

Space Exploration Day - July 20th - Menu Gradient
  1. Sometime during U.S. Space Observance, have Public star parties, with telescopes.
  2. Sometime during U.S. Space Observance, have Public model rocket launchings.
  3. Throughout the U. S. Space Observance, have Special shows, and exhibits, at planetariums and public science centers. If possible have exhibits in shopping malls. Student Science Fair exhibits from the previous school year can be included.
  4. They might also show space theme science fiction movies in a theatre environment. Science theme magic shows are another possibility.
  5. Throughout the U. S. Space Observance, have Space Science Fiction classic movies on local television.
  6. During U.S. Space Observance, have local television specials about Apollo 11, the Apollo Program, the benefits of space research, and our future in space.
  7. During U.S. Space Observance, have newspaper articles on the benefits of space research, Project Apollo, and our future in space.
  8. Have a First Step event, where every participant in the world, starts celebration on the exact time Neil Armstrong took his first step onto the surface of the Moon. This event was suggested by Kim Peart of Tasmania, Australia.
  9. Dances or parties, with futuristic themes and costumes.
  10. News media coverage of Space Exploration Day, with emphasis on our future in space and space benefits. Also, have them emphasize other ,man on the street, Apollo-like commitments to create a better future for all mankind.
  11. On July 24th, have a public fireworks display.
  12. Games and contests. Space theme art displays, Star Trek War Games, Quizzes. Astronaut Olympics, to test the skills astronauts have.
  13. Live performances with band concerts, singers, skits, and puppet shows.
  14. Space benefits workshop for educational and business leaders.
  15. Space Exploration Day Parade, supported by local merchant organizations.


Major regional events could reinforce the impact of activities being held at the local and national level. The cities of Chicago, Los Angeles, New York City, and Washington, D.C., have high metropolitan populations. These cities tend to be national nerve centers for business, politics, and interstate commerce. These cities also have a high concentration of national television network news correspondents present.

If possible, there needs to be major events in these four cities. Also, strong pro-space articles, in the New York Times, could influence national news media coverage of the Holiday, Observance, and the Space Program in general. The nationís news media uses the New York Times, to judge what is newsworthy on the national scene.

Ideas for regional events include a business and industry oriented Space Economics Convention (Chicago); Hollywood Extravaganza (Los Angeles); Science Fiction Super Convention (New York City); Space Exploration Day Parade (Washington, D.C.).


Successful national level activity will reinforce the success of all the other levels of Space Exploration Day activity. Government, News Media, and Commercial Marketing activities will contribute to this success.

Companies will develop Space Exploration Day theme products to sell to the public, and may even contribute to stressing the new holiday in advertising to the public.


In 1975, during the first International Space Week, the Apollo-Soyuz Test Project achieved one of the most significant diplomatic feats in world history. The October World Space Week emphasizes the anniversary of Sputnik, and the anniversary of the signing of the United Nations Peaceful Uses of Outer Space Treaty. I recommend that to distinguish, the International extension of U.S. Space Observance, from World Space Week, that the nine day Apollo 11 anniversary, at the international level, be known as the Apollo 11 Moon Mission Observance. Also, being as the Apollo 11 Moonwalk occurred on July 21st, in many countries, that the International extension of Space Exploration Day be known as the First Step Event. These names would apply outside of the United States and its territories. In the United States, First Step would be a public event of Space Exploration Day.

In cities throughout the world Moonwalk Festivals would be held, where the participants hear and possibly see on a television screen, Neil Armstrong taking his first steps onto the Lunar Surface. This should include, coverage of the entire Moonwalk; with both Armstrong and Aldrin, carrying on their activities on the surface of the Moon.

Throughout the world, each nation would emphasize their contribution or potential future contribution to Space Exploration and development. The many benefits from space research to all mankind would receive special emphasis. Most of the activities, and purpose in U.S. Space Observance, and Space Exploration Day, would be appropriate at the international level as well.